When Is Whistleblowing Ethical

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To many, the revealing of companies’ private information is an ethically reasonable action that deserves either less punishment than what it does today or no punishment at all. With some punishments for whistleblowing being ostracism, harassment, and demotion, people deem the amercements as unreasonable (Martin). These kinds of punishments are usually doled out to whistleblowers who work for large businesses, making their work environment more hostile and uncomfortable. Whistleblowers get themselves into these situations when they expose information about controversial and illegal actions committed by a company in the hopes that they will face justice or make corrections to their business. As stated by Brian Martin, a social sciences professor,…show more content…
Since the person exposing the information was trying to address what they claimed was a legitimate issue, they are surprised when the scenario is flipped and they get punished. In the mid 2000s, a man named Thomas Drake, who worked for the National Security Association (NSA), discovered controversial information about their organization and went through the country’s whistleblowing laws to be able to expose it, by showing his concern through official channels…show more content…
In the article “Whistleblowing: Good or Bad?” Author Adrian West gives a good example of how the boss of a business may perceive an employee trying to expose private information on them. In this example, the reader takes the role of the boss, making it so that their perspective can connect to whoever’s reading. In it, it says, “hundreds of jobs depend on you” and “if you meet the targets the company will do well.” This already shows what is at stake in a company if an employee were to try to release private information. Someone exposing that information could cause the company to miss those “targets” and force the boss to make unwanted decisions such as budget cuts and firing staff members. This would affect other employees who, at work, could’ve been in lower positions than the whistleblower themself. Not only that, but the company would also have to spend more time and money trying to fix their mistakes. That is what is seen as the most major problem of whistleblowing. The fact that other people who aren’t even involved may have to face consequences. The article used, that is written by Adrian West, is slightly biased due to it showing support of the side against whistleblowers. On the contrary, he does address the other side, since the article is talking about whether it is good or bad. Regardless, he gives good information for both arguments, but has more for his
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