The Responsibilities Of An It Professional

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Final Thoughts Sai Surapaneni Post University Abstract This paper will discuss what the responsibilities as an IT Professional are in Today’s World. It will also discuss the importance of maintaining the government and corporate data hidden with the legitimate need for whistle blowers. The paper will also cover how to maintain the privacy of medical and finical records and also allowing companies to market their products to those consumers that are interested. Finally, the paper will discuss finding the balance with companies, government, and the public and what is ethical and appropriate. Today’s responsibility’s for IT professional’s In today’s world a IT professional has many reasonability’s in …show more content…

What is a whistle blower, what probably comes to mind is a person pulling a device that sounds an alarm altering everyone its break time or time to quit work. Barnett defines Whistleblowers as those individuals who call attention to possible wrongdoing within their organizations, are the subjects of much controversy (1992). No longer are employees standing by and letting companies get away with corporate wrong doing. More morally and ethically minded employees are risking their jobs by speaking out. They are three conditions necessary to effectively manage whistleblowing. First, employees must be informed of the appropriate steps to take in the communicating their ethical concerns internally. Employees should not live in fear of reprisal by speaking out. They need to know they have a safe place they can turn to when they feel something is wrong. Second, employees must believe that their concerns will be taken seriously and will be investigated. An employee needs to believe that they are being taken seriously and not simply brushed aside. Employees will not come forward if they feel they are not going the proper time of day. Third, an employee must feel confident that they not suffer personal reprisals of using internal channels to report perceived wrongdoing. If a worker lives in fear they are going to lose their job, they will not report it through internal channels. A

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