Reaching Reality Essay

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It’s amazing, the things that can happen in a second. In one second a bee can flap its wings 200 times, a human can blink their eyes seven, and a sloth can lift its finger 0. In one second 2-4 children are born on some corner of the earth, and 1-2 people will die. In one second light will cover galaxies, traveling 186,000 miles. In one second somewhere on earth 40 lightning bolts will hit the ground, 80, 120, 160. In one second somewhere in the universe 30 super novae happen, and approximately 4000 new stars are born. In this very second somewhere in the world, right now, the sun is setting in one town, and people are going to sleep, into their dreams, escaping from reality. However, at this particular second the sun is also rising…show more content…
No, that would have been boring, and then she might miss it all together. She races on toward the roof top closest to the clock tower, and checks the horizon. Not too late yet. Wind-blown, she reaches the roof top and looks for a way over. The tower is taller than the roof she is on. Torn, she realizes that she can’t make it to the top in time. Sighing, she sits down with her legs hanging over the edge of the building, the soft breeze tickling the bottoms of her feet. There is always tomorrow, she thinks. Inhaling, the crisp morning breeze fills her lungs and spreads through her. The air smells like rain, from the night’s storm. A memory tugs her mind, and she recalls a voice that she can’t place to a specific person any more. The rain doesn’t smell like anything it says ringing through her memory, it just makes everything it touches smell more. So really when you smell rain, your just smelling the whole world around you for the first time. As the breeze whistles around her, she takes another deep breathe. Thoughtfully, she decides that she likes the smell of this part of the world. She looks back over to the horizon waiting, and just then the very tip of the sun peeks over the remaining clouds from last night. It is breathtaking, she concludes to herself. There is just enough clouds to make out the shape of the sun without hurting your eyes. But, they are in just the right place so that the light pouring out from the sun can be seen in
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