When We Don T Have To Turn Into Animals?

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Harry refused to accept the fact that they weren't in the same world that he was used to there was now a lot of violence there was no order and a person had to do whatever they needed to to survive. Lauren tells him that : “Out here, you adapt to your surroundings or you get killed…” Harry’s later response is “But we don’t have to turn into animals” ( Butler 182) Lauren is arguing that in order to survive during those times you have to adapt or else you are going to get killed, but then the downfall of adapting is that sometimes you have to take worse actions, like killing those who you know are going to later cause harm to you. This can make you be considered an animal because even though you are doing it because you want to survive you are still killing a human being and is taking a life away that still has a lot to live for.…show more content…
Also, when Harry says ,“But we don’t have to turn into animals” he is trying to say that they don't have to act like animals and just kill what attacks them because there is a limit in what you do to survive and you don’t have to pass that limit. This statement applies to all of the times when you are going through hard times and you have to learn to get used to do things in order to live because if you don't you can get killed by other people who are acting stronger and smarter than
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