Where Are They?

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The rhythmic scratch and slap of leather sole on concrete made me look out at the sidewalk outside the cafe. The man, dressed in black. I clutched the package in his pocket. Should I run I thought, maybe the man didn't she me. The man motioned for me to come outside. I turned and ran but he was there, the man was everywhere. I couldn't hide, I couldn't run. There was only one thing to do, destroy the package. It was a bright november day. The trees were blowing in the wind sending leaves scattering. All of a sudden Bang! It came from the front door. I rushed over to see a hole in my door. As I examined it there was another loud bang. As my window shattered, I realized what was happening. As a retired Navy Seal my training kicked in. I…show more content…
Than it hit me. I was suposed to protect that. But did I really car anymore? No, I did no. This company had put my life on the line to do something i wasn't willing to do. There was no reward for me and I dint even know what was going on. I was ready to give up but all of a sudden i got an idea. What if these numbers were coranges. Of course they were cordanites. Of course! They may even lead to a area for them the mine oil. Yes, it all makes scence now.If a company found a new place to mine oil they could make millions even billions of dollars. They may even be able to put their competitors out of business. i began to run around in circles doing some sort of dance whent something zapped me in the arm.I looked down only to see a dart stuck in my arm. When I awoke I was sitting in a dark room with one large window on my right. As I tried to stand up. I was restrained by multiple brown ropes. They were wrapped around my chest holding me down. I couldn't move. Suddently a large light from above turned on. I was blinded by its brightness and couldn't see a thing, but i should hear things. From the noises I could hear a man pull up a chair in front of me. Screech it went as it was dragged across the stone floor. Or at least it sounded like a stone floor. He than sat down. “So, Caden Brower.” The man said,”I hear that you received a package lately.” I stayed quite. “Does that sound familiar to you?” he asked. “no” i murmerd. What am I doing? I thought.
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