Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?

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In 1966, Joyce carol oates wrote a short story called “Where are you going? Where have you been?”. The story is about a young girl name connie who is very beautiful, and because of this her mother hates her. Connie is a troubled teen who finds herself the center a man, Arnold Friend. He first meets her when she went to a drive in restaurant with her friends. On sunday arnold came to her house and tried to get her to take a ride with him. As she became scared and tried to get him to go away, he wouldn 't leave and than began to threaten her family, and at the very end she ended up going with him The reader does not actually know what happen to her, Whether she died or not. There was later a movie made based on the short story called…show more content…
He later died on March 10th, 1975 he was stabbed 47 times by two fellow prisoners. The short story is an eye opener for young women to beware of their surrounding. The short story became a classic and is read all throughout schools. It really open the eyes of the reader to beware of strangers and that even the person they believe would not hurt him just might. Thirty-five percent of women have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non partner sexual violence, according to the united nations. According to a global study on homicide of all women who were victims of homicide globally in 2012 an estimated half were killed by intimate partners or family members. Connie’s character is rather ordinary, she is the girl next door, and she is quite pretty. She is the girl who wants her mother 's affection, her real name is Catherine Earnshaw. Arnold friend is a trouble guy as many examples are given throughout the story for example. The first time he speaks to connie the first words that come out of his mouth were “Gonna get you baby.” Connies Mother does not get along with her daughter really well. In comparison to many mother daughter relationships. Connies mother does not speak highly of her daughter. Than there’s june the perfect daughter, she is 24 years old and is connie 's older sister, she isn 't as beautiful as connie and is described to be fat. She still lives at home and is loved more by their mother than connie is.
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