Where Is The Love Rhetorical Devices

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A world inculcated with violence and hate is leading us further away from the solution for the absence in our soul.
Tolerance and acceptance will never be the solution, nevertheless teenagers will continue to be influenced by anything they perceive and pick up, but know the question is where. Our foundations for our life long values are all taught to us. Early stages are when we get molded to what we see is right but where are teenagers being lead today?
The Black Eyed Peas song Where Is The Love may have been a worldwide hit but served its purpose to open the public to the reality.
The social conscious message of love towards each other clicked with the artists immediately which brought an oddball rap group from L.A. into the community. The powerful force behind the song was inspired by how America and the peace in the world felt after 9/11. …show more content…

Using the effective metaphor of “infecting the minds faster than bacteria” sums up how the media is seeping into the youth’s mind and morals. The bands use of the simile put into perspective how the media is working into the youth.

Teenagers will always struggle with what is right and wrong. But Where Is The Love provides an outlet of all the hardships and spreads the message that love towards each other will end the hate leading onto the path were ethics are valued. Another song about love, values and the correct ethics towards each other is same love by Macklemore released on the album the heist in 2012. Like where is the love by the black eyed peas Macklemore’s same love also talks about how youth can be influenced to form beliefs but focuses towards the prejudice around

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