Where The Craic Is Mighty Essay

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As I was sitting in my window seat nervous and looking haggard from a bad night’s sleep, a warm welcoming voice came over the plane’s intercom. The first sentence was to inform us we would be landing soon. The words were in English, but the next voice was foreign but unique in a beautiful language known as Gaelic. I looked out the window in awe of the picturesque fields of green, the shimmering blue of the ocean and the pillowing clouds above. It was then that I knew I was no longer in England or the United States but the emerald isle of Ireland.
After Landing in Dublin I made my way through customs, swooning over the Irish accents all around me, forcing myself to grab my bags off the carousel before I recorded all of it on my phone. I …show more content…

After a drink or two more it became clear he was from Norway, I had butterflies as soon as the word came out of his mouth. He was from the same country my paternal grandparents had emigrated. Fate had her tricky way of aligning stars that night. We talked for hours, went through a pack of cigarettes, entertained a group of drunken dancers and ended the night with a toast to our good fortune of meeting. The next morning I awoke with the bravery of a lion. I showered and put on my walking shoes, I was attacking Dublin with a tourist mindset. Walking along St. Stephens green and Trinity College was like walking through a time warp. Everything was beautiful and clean. The people ever so friendly, giving directions and taking pictures without fear that they would steal your camera. I had fallen in love with Dublin in less than a day. After getting lost quite a few times and returning to my hotel room, I was pleasantly surprised by a note left on my door from Magnus. He had left his number and invited me to dinner at a local restaurant. I quickly changed and met him downstairs, I was not going to ruin a chance like this. We had traditional Irish meals like Guinness stew and bangers and mash. You could feel the meat melting in your mouth, the broth was so thick and creamy. It was so hearty and delicious and I did not care about calories. To top it off we had Irish coffees and walked along the river. After walking off dinner we decided to do

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