Where The Wild Things Are Written And Illustrated By Maurice Sendak

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Where the Wild Things Are written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, is one of my all-time favorite children’s book because as a little girl, I remember before going to bed and picking out this book for my father to read to me. My father had a wonderful speaking voice that allowed for these characters to come alive in my mind. I could imagine being the protagonist character Max, and sailing off to place full monsters and mystery. There is a part in the middle of the story called “The Wild Rumpus” and during that time, my father would start making drumming noises to help me imagine the monsters and Max dancing in the forest. His story telling voice and music making helped this book come to life. For those reasons, this book will always be …show more content…

The monsters and context behind the story may be a little too much for beginning readers but all in all it is a good story. Even though the story itself about a young child going to world full of monsters is not a real life scenario, the pure and innocent imagination of going to a world full of acceptance is believable. All children have the sense of imagination. It is what drives them to have fun and hope in a world that they live in. The character Max, is a character that most children and even adults can relate to. In the story, Max seems like a real-life child that just wants to have fun and imagine of worlds that have people like him. I understood his reasons for wanting to imagine of a world where he is accepted because coming from a family that was divorced, I wanted an escape and imagined a world full of adventure and love. In the story, Max also grew to understand that all you have in life is your family. Even though they can be harsh, parents will almost always love you for who you are. The only thing that I thing that I believed the story lacked, was more interaction and background knowledge from the “Wild Things”. The monsters did not have much if any character development. I believe that it would have added to the plot of the story. Maurice Sendak’s use of visual elements helped make this story set a realistic setting of the real and imaginative world Max believed in. His use of line, rough texture and color throughout

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