White Collar Crime And Criminal Behavior

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Throughout history, many academics have proposed various theories to help comprehend and explain criminal behaviours. These theories investigate many different aspects of the causations of crime and those at risk of criminal behaviour. White collar crime is a term founded less than a century ago within 1939 by Edwin Sutherland. He identified white collar crime as "crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation" (Hirschi, 1987, pg 953). Sutherland strived to explain all types of crimes. He proposed that crime occurred beyond the streets, within the business and politic realm. White collar crimes differ heavily from street crime, as they are nonviolent acts committed by those in a state …show more content…

A life of crime is rooted to an individual 's personal social interactions with others. Therefore, a person 's environment and who surrounds them are extremely influential factors of the amount of exposure to crime. The only way a person is able to commit a crime is if they have learned how to. Learning crime is an essential aspect that develops into committing crimes. One cannot perform an act of crime if they do not learn the values, motives and techniques to do so (Piquero, Tibbetts & Blankenship, 2005). Thus, an individual has to be exposed to an environment that proceeds in a deviance direction. Consequently, relationships with family and friends are the most important authoritative figures in one 's life (Haugh, 2014). Associations with others allows an opportunity for a mentor to guide someone into the life of crime. Educators of crime pass down their techniques, methods and mentality of how to commit crime. Knowledge is taught and shared to successfully become a criminal. Sutherland concluded that learning crime is the same as learning any other type of behaviour (Piquero, Tibbetts & Blankenship, 2005). Additionally, differential association theory insists crime will presumably occur when one views the breach of law as more favourable than the compliance of law. Those committing white collar crime have adopted this type of view. White collar crime is developed in the same degree as every other crime, it is learned (Piquero, Tibbetts &

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