White Paper In The Army

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The Army is a profession of arms that has instilled this famous quote and sacrificed blood, sweat, and their lives to protect the freedoms of the United States of America. Men and woman of this great nation are shaped into professional warriors trained and entrusted to support and defend the Constitution. This white paper describes a professional as one who develops expertise over time through extensive institutional training, knowledge, and expanding practices. I personally think the US Army is a profession in the sense that its members proficiently protect, serve, and defend the people, our domain, and uphold the traditions and values of the Army well beyond war. Therefore the Army’s soldiers experience professional development through institutional …show more content…

The Army and its interconnected units defend the Constitution and our citizens through skilled lethal use of weaponry and civil and combat operations. Organizational units prosper upon solidarity and esprit de corps; without that the Army may not be as effective, rendering constitutional protection an intricate task. Army leaders and soldiers alike develop their own types of experiences and knowledge in skill sets they embrace. Therefore, once combined, experience and knowledge create a professional force that has proven to outlast the strongest enemy. The white paper did stress the effects that a decade of war had on our professional force and leadership’s desire to recommit to a culture of service, responsibilities and behaviors of our profession to restore our professional state to 100%. A definition of human rights is contentious. To avoid controversy, the human rights in this paper are ―thinly conceived. This means the rights that matter most in military operations are a small set of basic human rights consisting of the rights against torture, rape, unjustified killing, arbitrary imprisonment, access to basic subsistence, and personal liberty. This conception of human rights is both consistent with the founding of the United States and defensible as objective moral goods which serve in part as a founding source of the Army

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