Who Am I? A Self Concept

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Who Am I? A Self Concept
Shatana Dalton
NC A&T University
Shatana Dalton was born on March 7 at the Women’s Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina. She grew up in a small country town not far from Greensboro, called Madison, in Rockingham County. Within this town, there was a smaller community named Goodwill in which she and her entire family was a part of. Goodwill was in reference to the church she went to every Sunday as child, Goodwill First Baptist Church. Shatana and her older sister played sports as recreation, well only one sport which was soccer. It was ironic that both Shatana and her sister fell in love with soccer since both of her parents played softball. Nevertheless, none of this information answers
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But, she likes to live the present and not focus on future. She was raised as a Christian, more specifically as a Baptist and she still identifies with it today. As for her political affiliation, she is a liberal democrat and she also considers herself an egalitarian.
Ever since she was a little girl, Shatana was never fond of adults that were not in her immediate family. Once, her family visited her great grandmother in the nursing home and as soon as 3-year old Shatana was handed to “Momma Annie”, she began crying uncontrollably. It was as if Shatana had two different personalities. from her distant relatives. If someone were to ask her parents about her childhood, they would say that Shatana was a bit of a wild child. Only in the privacy of their home, out in public she was seemingly a quiet angel. In the third grade, Shatana was involved in her first and only fight that did not involve her sister. The fight was between Shatana and some boy in the fifth grade over something silly no doubt. The word “fight” is used loosely since she refused to engage. Ever since that day, Shatana has struggle at handling any type of conflict that arises. She tends to bottle up her emotions until they burst out in a fit of anger or in the form tears. In fact, one time she took her anger out on her sister and forcefully shoved her into the wall. That resulted into a huge gaping hole in the wall and let’s just say
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