Who Are Sociologists And What Influences They Have Had?

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Who are sociologists and what influences they have had? In this paper, we will discuss four sociologists: Karl Marx, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim and George Mead. They are all well-known and influential thinkers of their time who have greatly contributed to the current sociological approaches and studies. They differ in their theories, but all of them have a common goal to uncover the structural and social foundation of the society. What is society? How does it function? What drives the societal change? -are the questions that those four sociologists will try to answer through either an approach of “structuralism” or “agency”. Agency refers to individuals acting independently and making their own choices; whereas structuralism refers to the …show more content…

He believed that the society was too economically driven which resulted in men becoming “an appendage of the machine … losing all individual character and all charm for the workman”(Lecture Marx 1/25/17 slide #14). This had led to an alienation of labor and commodification of labor. Individuals started making products and working only for the economic purposes rather than for the emotional joy of creativity and innovation. The technological uses were advanced to reach the maximum efficiency of mass production and Proletariats were used as tools or as hands to keep the production going. The class difference was something that Marx believed to be a defining feature of any society. He stated that “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.”(Lecture Marx 1/25/17 slide 8). He believed that class conflict is what drives progress/change. That because of class difference, and exploitation of the working class, Proletariat would eventually become aware of their situation and as a result would rebel and revolt against the capitalist system. Gaining social consciousness was fundamental to creating a social change. Weber like Marx, identified himself as a political economist. He had a quite different background. He was an upper middle class German, who has a

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