Who Had More Influence On Shaping The Athletics / Sports

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Who had more influence on shaping the athletics / sports past and present in the western world: the ANCIENT GREEKS or the ROMAN EMPIRE? Explain your choice in detail.

In the Western World, the people who had more of an influence on the shaping of athletics and sports in the past and the present happened to be the Roman Empire.
Although most to all of the sporting activities and views on athletics did originate from the Ancient Greeks, the Roman Empire had a monumental impact on not only the advancement of sport and athletics in their time but also to the sport and athletics we know today.

The Roman Empire has some of the same qualities that the spectators, athletes, businessmen, and military soldiers of today show to support the evolution of sport and athletics itself.
Some of these being that the Roman Empire showed identical mentality on everything sport, athletic, spectator, and more that have been translated to modern day sports and athletics.

In addition to this, they did have the same outlook on women participating in sports and athletics that were very popular when sports came back into society in the 1900’s. They did take women’s involvement to the extreme but all in all very close.

Following alongside these events was also the creation of the coliseum, which the people in this present day also find to be very important to sports and athletics, obviously with more of them

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