Who Is An Immigrant: A Short Story Of A Princess

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Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a young princess named Aimee. Every year on her birthday she went on a trip to the neighboring kingdom to celebrate her birthday with king Henry and his friends. She would travel with her servant Sheila and two guards for three long days on carriage crossing Flor the evil witch's forest. Flor had grown up with the princess and were great friends before Flor stole the princess’s diamond necklace and was kicked out of the kingdom. Every time before the princess made the journey she would go to Noemi the spell caster to cast a spell on the evil witch to cross the forest in peace. The spell put Flor, the evil witch, into a deep sleep that lasted three days every time she woke up, she wouldn't remember the princess had crossed her forest until she was back …show more content…

She walked out the room, closing the door behind her. Sheila was slumped against a rock asleep while the princess ran out the cave to look for the guards. As she ran she tripped on a long tree root sticking out of the ground. When she looked up, she saw the evil witch standing in front, looking at her. The princess quickly ran the opposite direction not knowing what to do, she knew the witch wanted to kill her. She kept running until she climbed up a rocky mountain and hid under a huge pine tree. She heard light footsteps coming near the tree as she peaked around the thick trunk of the tree when all of the sudden a pair of dry skeleton like hands grabbed her ankles and dragged her out. When she turned around, she saw a giant knife aimed towards her heart, behind the knife was the evil witch. The princess kicked the witch in her stomach, causing the witch to drop the knife and stumble back. The princess watched as the witch stepped on a loose rock over the edge of the mountain and fell back landing on a roughly cut tree with sharp branches sticking out stabbing through her

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