Who Is Considered an American?

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Who is considered an American? What does mean to be an American? It is perhaps unsurprising that the traits Americans like to ascribe to themselves are somewhat different from those that foreigners tend to ascribe to them. Indeed, if you ask an American to describe his fellow citizens, he is likely to tell you that they are affable, hardworking and patriotic people; but if you ask some foreign commentators or observers such as a prominent photographer from Switzerland, Robert Frank, he will have a different point of view towards the idea of an American. Robert Frank, a Jewish photographer, was born in Switzerland. He plays an important role in the photography field because of his most famous work The Americans, which was published in …show more content…

The Americans is notable for the way in which it focuses on all strata of American society – young and old, rich and poor, white and black. Frank portrays that White Americans are lonely and emotionless, for example, one of his photographs, “Charity Ball— New York” shows a white woman with tasteless jewels is sitting in a chair, and her face just as a stone without a smile. So why did White Americans in

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