Who Is Isis? Or Osama?

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• Who is ISIS? They are a Sunni terrorist group that originates from the also Sunni terrorist group, al Qaeda, but specifically the Iraq faction, al Qaeda in Iraq. They are specifically a Sunni version of Islam called Salafism, which means Pious forefathers. The forefathers are the prophet himself and the earliest adherents. The individuals who are part of this group look to these forefathers as examples in behavior and everything else. They desire to follow their actions and lifestyles exactly. The original leader of this group was killed and a new leader rose to power, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, who was an experienced fighter. They lost their power in the Sunni Awakening in 2007, and then found a chance to regain power in Syria in 2011. By…show more content…
This group is also very traditional when it comes to their religion. While al Qaeda was a modern group with modern political views, ISIS has a tendency to stick to old fashioned Islam, speaking in terms and phrases that Islam people now don’t understand or relate to. Their leaders have said that they will not and cannot abandon the governing precepts that were embedded in Islam by the prophet Muhammad and his earliest followers. They believe that out of all the Islam culture, they are the most radical and accurate Islamists there are because they do refer back to the origination of Islam. All of their decisions, actions, etc. are referred back to and based off of the Prophetic Methodology which is the following of the prophecy by Muhammad.(4) Muslims have a rule book called the Koran that is filled with specific rules that are to be followed. It states that crucifixion is one of the only punishments for anyone who objects or disagrees with the Islam religion. The ninth chapter orders them to fight Christians and Jews until they pay their jizya or tax with complete submission. The prophet Muhammad is the one who created the Koran and all of the rules included in it. ISIS takes the Koran very seriously. More seriously than any Islam group ever has. It’s almost as if they have an obsession with following the rules that Muhammad set. The only group before ISIS that has come even close to being similar in actions and the kind of serious
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