Who Is Maximus Longstride: A Hero Or Tragic Hero?

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Once upon a time there was a Knight, who was feared by all! Including his own king, his name was Maximus Longstride. He wore only the best armor and had a magnificent horse. However, he hated beggars and one in particular who's name was Marcus. Maximus believed they were of no class and shouldn't be aloud to live in his castle or his domain. For which, he started to imprison every single beggar he came across. However, he was never able to catch Marcus. One day while in a great battle, Maximus's horse was hit by an arrow and fell to the ground. Unfortunately, when his horse fell it crushed Longstride's left leg. The fall also knocked him unconscious. Because he fell, his men lost the battle, thus he was left lying on the ground slowly dying. When he woke up, there was no one in sight except the dead bodies of his soldiers. Suddenly, Maximus heard someone coming, he reached for his sword but couldn't reach it. So he just laid his head down on the ground, and waited for whoever was coming, to come kill him! However, it was not his enemy. For it was the one man he hated most of all, the beggar Marcus. Maximus was sure that …show more content…

Thus, he began his search to try and find Marcus the man he undoubtedly hated just four months earlier. He searched everywhere. However, he couldn't find him. Two and half weeks later, while Maximus was walking on a dirt road in the countryside. He came across an old shack, and he knocked on the door three times to see if there was anyone inside. Several minutes passed and nobody came to the door. When suddenly someone said “can I help you Sir. Longstride?” When he turned around, he saw that the person who was talking to him was Marcus. Maximus said nothing. So then the old man invited him into his shack. Once inside, the two men sat down by the fireplace. A few minutes passed and no one said a

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