Who Is Michael Phelps A Hero

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Michael Phelps is one of the most decorated Olympic athletes in the world. Many people look at him as a hero, but he did not have an easy life. Early on, his parents’ divorce had a profound impact on him, giving him nightmares that were very upsetting. After winning eight gold medals at the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, at the height of popularity, he struggled with alcohol and drugs. However, with the help of his swim coach Bob Bowman, and the support of his mother, two sisters, and his father, he was able to overcome the personal struggles and return to the sport in which he excelled. His ability to admit he had problems and making himself vulnerable enabled him to overcome his weaknesses and return to sports.
He started swimming when he was young, and his wish to become a great swimmer made him dedicated to the sport, giving up other sports to train constantly. Phelps began swimming at age 7 when his sisters joined
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When his parents divorced, he spent more time training. (Crouse) When he was upset about his parents splitting up, he used the pool to get out his frustrations. He used a negative experience and turned it into a positive impact.
Phelps ran into trouble with alcohol and drugs after the Beijing Olympics, but he admitted his problem and went into rehab. He had spent so much time training as a boy, that he didn’t know what to do with his life after his success and it led him down a bad path of drugs and alcohol. (Crouse`0 ) He had spent so much time with swimming, that he didn’t have any skills to live a “normal” life. By admitting his problems, he made himself vulnerable so he could face his problems and get back on the right track.
In spite of his problems, Michael Phelps was able to face them with the courage and determination that made him a world class swimmer. He knew he had a problem and went to get help. It enabled him to return to the sport he loved and become even more of a
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