Who Is Pavlik Morozov's Loyalty Of Youth

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The story of Pavlik Morozov exemplifies the definitive loyalty of the posterity transpiring from inculcating the youth in a single-party state society. Furthermore, the story of Pavlik Morozov is veritably reflective of the atmosphere of Stalin’s Soviet Union. As it displayed how the Soviet Education and Young Pioneers program had indoctrinated a child to the extent that he betrayed his father to the authorities. Stalin’s main aim regarding young people was to ensure that future workers would be adept enough to play their part in Russia’s industrial and scientific development. However, a byproduct of Stalin’s vision involved the youth of the Soviet Society in building a level of unprecedented loyalty towards their nation. Likewise, the methods…show more content…
Young people were very paramount to Nazi Germany in order to preserve Hitler’s ideals to the posterity. Hans Schemm, the leader of the Nazi Teachers’ League, stated, ‘those who have youth on their side control the future’. Therefore, Nazi Germany went to many lengths by utilizing youth programs and controlling education in order to achieve the loyalty of the youth. Nazi youth organizations were governed by two basic intentions: to train boys for war and girls for motherhood. The most recognized youth organization was known as Hitler Youth. Hitler Youth was created to educate and train male youth in Nazi principles. According to, on a German male’s 10th birthday, he was registered and investigated (especially for “racial purity”) and, if qualified, inducted into the Deutsches Jungvolk (“German Young People”). At age 13 the youth became eligible for the Hitler Youth, from which he was graduated at age 18. Throughout these years he lived a Spartan life of dedication, fellowship, and Nazi conformity, generally with minimum parental guidance. From age 18 he was a member of the Nazi Party and served in the state labor service and the armed forces until at least the age of 21. Furthermore, in these youth organizations there was persistent activity and competition; through this,…show more content…
Furthermore, Morozov’s infamous action of betraying his father to the authorities illustrated what transpires from single-party states inculcating the youth to place the loyalty to the state over any advent. Stalin utilized programs such as the Young Pioneers and Komsomol that indoctrinated the children with the beliefs of being a loyal communist and provide their ultimate subservience to the state. Moreover, education in the Soviet Union was explicitly directed to the needs of the state, with intentions of educating and culturing the citizens of the state. In Hitler’s Nazi
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