Who Is The Best Financial Expert?

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When it comes to money, people believe they need to be making close to a six-figure salary in order to be considered “wealthy” or “well off”. The reason for this misconception is a concept that humans fail to understand, saving, investing, and not spending money they do not have. The biggest factor that prevents Americans from retaining a decent amount of their paycheck is debt, aka. spending money that they do not possess at that given time of purchase. Some of my family members were covered in debt and did not have good spending habits. They did not make the smartest financial decisions growing up which caused them a lot of stress and money problems later in life. Because of Dave Ramsey, a successful financial expert, they were able to get they money situation figured out in less than ten years. Their salary was better than most but people do not have to be rich when it boils down to finances and the cost of living as demonstrated by them. Credit cards take most of the blame when it comes to debt; they are the most common type of “loan”. Almost every American has a credit card and can easily receive one. They are marketed towards millions of people each year, and where there are credit cards there is some debt associated with it. The average credit card debt is roughly $10,000 ("Average Credit Card Debt in America: 2016 Facts & Figures."). Combine that with interest every year and the people that use them have dug themselves an inescapable hole. When people have debt

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