Who Is The Soul?

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When looking at personal identity, one would define who they are by perhaps what it is that makes them who they are today, compared to who they were five years prior, or even a week ago. One’s personal identity can form from virtually anything that someone believes defines who they are as a person. Soul theory goes one step further, explaining that it is not our body who defines us as who we are, it is simply our soul that does the defining. This theory suggests that our soul is completely separate from our body. Our soul exists before we are born and long after we have passed away and our body has decomposed into the earth. When we are alive, our body takes on a soul which it will possess until the day we die, or so Miller says. The soul is seen as non-material, for it cannot be seen and we cannot physically wear it. It is composed of our past experiences, thoughts, and feelings and continues to build onto them as we grow as individuals. Soul theory clearly explains that we, as humans, are not defined by the body we are in or what we do, but by the soul we have within these bodies. The leading purpose motivating this theory is to help prove the concept of personal identity, and how someone at three months old is the same person at three years and thirty years old. The idea of the “same person” can been seen in the soul theory, where people are thought to have the same soul for the duration of their life, then the soul departs the body to carry on when the body dies and

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