Who Is To Blame For The Tragedy Of The Titanic

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The Tragedy of the Titanic
By Karson Lani
On that night April 14: 11:40 p.m. The lookouts spot an iceberg with their bare eyes straight ahead and they veered to the left to hope to miss the iceberg. Little did the passengers know that they hit the iceberg but up front there was a loud SKREECH! Down in the coal bunker the man was right there when the side of the boat busted open and after a while five compartments had filled but the ship could only float with four compartments filled that meant that they had only 2 hours to to get everyone off the boat. After the Titanic sank there was hundreds of people got locked in and some lived and got rescued while Captain Smith went down with the ship.
Some reasons why the Titanic sank is because they
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