Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer Johnson

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Character Identification In the book Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, out of the four main characters, I most resemble the little person Haw. Right away, it was obvious I was not like the mice. I am a thinker. Sniff and Scurry reacted far too immediately for me. When the change happened, they were already out in the maze seeing what they could find. Change tends to affect me more heavily than it did the mice. I tend to use a combination of brainpower and emotion when I am looking for my Cheese just like Hem and Haw. What makes me more similar to Hem is the reaction to the change. When the Cheese goes missing, Hem experiences an intense emotional reaction. He yells and screams because he feels entitled to his Cheese. He had been enjoying the Cheese for so long that he could not imagine a situation where the Cheese was no longer there for him. Haw’s reaction is much more subtle. He was sad. The Cheese being at Cheese Station C was a measure of comfort for him, and without it he was left in shock. This is precisely how I react. I tend to count on all the constant people and situations in my life. If my family, girlfriend, car, apartment, or air conditioning were ever to withdraw their presence it would leave me in shock. Just like with Haw, it is not about me having the most powerful of any of the things listed above, but more about my personal comfort with the current situation. After they find Cheese Station C empty several times, Hem and Haw disagree again over
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