Who Was Responsible For Lucifer's Downfall

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Augustine on the doctrine of primal sin focuses on the downfall of Lucifer, in whether he foresaw that his actions would entail a consequence in denying God. For it is arguable that Lucifer did foresee his coming downfall. Because his intentional actions in turning away from God went against his angelic nature, implicating Lucifer deliberately deprived himself of what he knew was the greatest of goods, and avidly sought out the opposite. For Lucifer perversely chose to abandon all that is good by turning away from God, and towards what is contrary to God. That in which, I will argue from the doctrines of Augustine, (Book 12 of the city of God) that Lucifer did foresee his coming downfall. For his downfall begun with bolstering the vices of …show more content…

If Lucifer’s nature was meant to be prideful, God would not have punished him. For Lucifer would be flourishing to the degree of goodness that is written into his particular being. For this particular nature would have been purposely authored from God, and Augustine explains that “no one suffers punishment for faults of nature”. However, given that Lucifer’s angelic nature yearns to to cleave to God, demonstrates how he deliberately chose to reject his nature by turning away from God. For Lucifer possesses the faculties of reasoning to distinguish “what is righteous from what is unrighteous". That in which, Lucifer fully understands that he is choosing to embrace misery by neglecting his angelic nature is cleaving to God. For Augustine’s asserts that “Vices are contrary to God”, this is demonstrated by the intention of Lucifer practicing the vices of pride, which goes against everything that he knows is good by. For the vices contradict all that is good, and to partake in them results in misery. This in effect demonstrates how pride cannot be an aspect of Lucifer’s Angelic nature, but rather how the vices must be deliberately performed from the will itself. Consequently, Lucifer than is not prideful by nature, rather he chose to habitually embrace the vice which led him to rejecting God, and his angelic

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