Who Was The Cause Of The Trojan War

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Who was Homer ?

Homer was a blind bard i.e a story teller , and a poet whose writings in the Iliad and the Odyssey provide the main source of information regarding the Trojan War.Homer is assumed to have been born on the coast of Asia minor i.e modern day Turkey.Another indication of Homers origins as an Ionian Greek can be adduced from his poems which show that he was familiar with the geography of that region. Providing evidence that Homer was of the region and therefore was familiar with the history of it.

The narrative of the Trojan war.

This was a story full of battles, heroes, death and victory. The cause of this war was not one particular incident. There are three main incidents that instigated the Trojan War .

The first incident that lead to the Trojan war was the bad omen over Paris's life. Paris was the son of Priam, who was the king of Troy , making Paris a prince of Troy. Priam's prophetic daughter, Cassandra, prophesied that Paris would ultimately lead to the destruction Troy in turn making the king Priam send his son off to be killed by abandoning him when he was just an infant on the mount Ida.However, Paris was rescued by some shepherds and was raised far away from his previous home.

The story of the fall of Troy as portrayed by Homer is one of not only conflicts between humans, but also conflicts between the gods. The
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including the storied deaths of the Trojan prince Hector killed by Achilles himself for slaying his young cousin Patroclus in battle who was wearing Achilles armor and pretending to be him because of Achilles refusal to fight due to a disagreement with Agamemnon. When Achilles received news of Patroclus' death he threw himself on the ground in a frenzy of grief and had to be restrained by the other Greeks. The next morning he made a formal reconciliation with Agamemnon and began fighting
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