Who is a Good Mother?

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A mother is most commonly defined as a woman who has raised a child or given birth to a child, but what makes one a good mother? Some people believe that a good mother never has a dirty home, always has a four course meal at dinner time, and never gets frustrated or angry. Some mothers can juggle it all, a clean house every day, delicious dinners every evening, and maybe even never having a meltdown. With working or single mothers those tasks can be challenging, and just because a mother can accomplish such everyday tasks does not necessarily make her a good mother. How a mother deals with the everyday stresses of motherhood, how she provides unconditional love, and how she supports her child, is what qualifies one to be a good mother. Being a good mother is a choice a woman makes every day to put her child’s happiness and well-being above her own. She gives her all for her children, she provides unconditional love, support, and does her very best to lead by example.
Loving your children unconditionally means, that a mother accepts her children completely and without conditions no matter what her agenda for the child may be. It means, she loves and accepts her child “as is”. She does not make her child ever feel like her love is conditional. She makes sure her child knows that they do not have to be anything other than what they are to be loved. She encourages her children to be to best that they can be. She loves her children unconditionally meaning, even if her child makes

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