Why A College Athletes Should Be Paid

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The college sports industry generates an estimated revenue of 11 billion dollars a year. (Edelman) For most students in college, money is hard to come by, whether you're an athlete or not. Most of these players have the opportunity to play college, and a select few, get the chance to attend the school with minimal costs for tuition. Playing a college sport is a job all in itself; yet, athletes can’t receive any form of money or benefits for their work. The problem occurs when big name companies and other people can profit from selling these athletes names and memorabilia, however, the athlete doesn't even get a cent of the profit. The athlete is severely punished for trying to sell a piece of the uniform or even selling an autograph. According …show more content…

The main point to why there would be a problem in paying athletes is, it could take away from the competitive edge to sports. (Edelman) Bigger schools would be able to spend more money to get the players they want, and the players would not try as hard because they are being paid. The solution would be just pay a small monthly salary of a few hundred dollars per player that each player receives regardless of the team they play. As well as, it would make the athletes happier because they wouldn't have to stress and worry about money and what they will do for their next meal. The problem has a valid solution that can be effective. “If educational institutions pay their players, the gap between major division one schools and mid-major teams will only widen” (Cassavaugh) This is another problem that can be easily eliminated by just a flat salary that division one and two football and basketball athletes receive. Divisions two could receive a little less because of the revenue gap between the two division, which is very fair. “And yet I believe that the drive to pay college athletes is a grave mistake—not because it misdiagnoses the disease but because it suggests that the only cure is to put the patient out of his misery. It fails, first of all, to recognize the value of sports as a part of education.” (Yankah) This is the only quote that truly supports why college athletes should not be paid. It has no solution, the fact of the matter is these athletes do have a privilege that most don't have. It may fail to recognize what sports actually are. They get to play these sports and money could be addressing it in a wrong manner. However, the United States enjoys money and football. It's America's pastime and how our country and economy operate. There is no difference from an 18 year old signing a semi pro contract in soccer versus a 18 year old in college. The

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