Why Are Print Advertising Obsolete? Essay

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Why is print advertising obsolete? Nowadays, people get so many different types of advertisement such as a print advertisement, TV, and the Internet from companies. A few examples of print advertising are newspapers, magazines, or the Yellow Pages. Print advertising used to be the best choice for advertising products because it helps customers understand the products clearly and then they share it to others. However, with the development of Internet, print advertising has not had a massive impact on the field of advertising. In other words, the companies choose the Internet to advertise products to customers as oppose to print advertising. Furthermore, there is an increasing in tendency to read news, search information, and go shopping on the Internet. People can search Google to get the products’ information faster than a newspaper. Social media is also attracting more people to go on the Internet. Therefore, print advertising is obsolete because it is not only ineffective for advertising products and also less convenient than Internet advertising.
With the rapid growth of new technology and the Internet along with a millions of time of searching Internet, it is an opportunity for advertisers to connect with customers. Many companies make use of the Internet to develop their businesses rapidly. Therefore, many advertisers considered changing advertising from traditional print advertising to online advertising because it is the most effective way to track the customers’
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