Why Are Successful Projects so Important to Hewlett-Packard?

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8/30/2012 Chapter 1 Projects in Contemporary Organizations Copyright 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Introduction Rapid growth in project management  In the past, most projects were external  – – – Building a new skyscraper New ad campaign Launching a rocket Developing a new product Opening a new branch Improving the services provided 1-2  Growth lately is in internal projects – – – 1 8/30/2012 How Project Management Developed  Credit for the development of project management goes to the military – – – Navy’s Polaris program NASA’s Apollo space program Development of “smart bombs” and “missiles”   Project management has found wide acceptance in industry It has many applications outside…show more content…
& Maladroit Cosmetics Company Answer the questions at the end Lessons for an Accidental Profession Be ready to discuss the article and answer the questions at the end of the article. 1-31  Directed Reading – – Microsoft Project 2010  Make sure that you have read the following chapters in Bunin: – – Chapter 1 Chapter 2  I will be presenting Project 2010 and provide you with some ticks of the trade. I will be using three or four manuals for my presentations. 1-32

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