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United Transportation Table of Contents
I. Table of Contents 2
II. Executive Summary 3
III. Company Overview 4
IV. Marketing Analysis.. 6
V. Marketing and Sales Plan 7
VI. Operations Segment 12
VII. Management Segment 13
VIII. Funds Required 14
Executive Summary
United Transportation offers premier transportation services throughout the metro Detroit Area. Our company will provide personal transportation to all individuals but will focus on non-emergency medical transportation. There is a need for quality transportation services for non-emergency medical cliental in our area. Our intention is to provide those services to clients and built a professional business that will expand based on our quality of professionalism and
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We will also put our services above and beyond others, not only from online service center for scheduling, but also for payment plans. We will offer a wide variety of payment plans such as payment upon service, to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly payment processing.
The market size we are dealing with is currently large, and only growing. According to J. Davis: “The elderly population is the fastest growing niche market in the world- and its only getting bigger! By year 2030, the US elderly population will have doubled, reaching in excess of 70 million!”
In order to gain a big percentage of this ever growing cliental, we are to start building soon. This way we can grow as the demand for our services grow.
The current demand for professional transportation is high; people are looking for a company they can rely on.
Technology already gives up amazing options for computerizing our business and our clients. Within 6 months, our drivers and our clients will have their schedules at their fingertips and able to change times when needed at their convenience.
With the growing rate of the elderly, increasing the need for our services, the growth potential for our business is enormous. As long as we stand by our commitment of a professional company and live up to our own standards, we will surpass the
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