Why Are Women So Underrated In The World That We Live In?

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Why are women so underrated in the world that we live in? People fail to recognize the accomplishments that women have and the power that they hold. In this society, women are inferior to men and seen as weak. There have been numerous women, particularly African American, that have been successful and gone unnoticed. There are a few that are known such as Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Queen Latifa, and many more. In contrary, there are some that people do not hear about or observe in books. For example, Mae Jemison, Katherine Johnson, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the list goes on and on. One woman in particular is Nikki Giovanni. Nikki is a poet and author of “Ego-Tripping.” Ego-Tripping is a poem that published in 1972. “Ego-Trip”…show more content…
Nikki took advantage of this trait and wanted to prove that women could hold a higher power. Throughout the poem, she uses many biblical allusions. This goes to show that she is referencing women and a God like figure. Of course, nobody can be God, but she explains that women are a close second. On her journey to Africa she referenced that women in Egyptian societies in particular held higher status than most societies did. Hence, “I walked to the fertile crescent and built the sphinx.” In stanzas 8 and 9, “I sat on the throne, drinking nectar with Allah,” also imposes that the has high power and is equal to that of God. This is also an example of the biblical allusion of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In the fifth stanza, line 30, Nikki says “I turned myself into myself and was Jesus.” She again is comparing herself to Jesus, someone with high power over everyone in the world. The entire sixth stanza establishes that she has complete power. That even the most nonessential parts of her serves as some of the earths most valuable resources. For example, “I caught a cold and blew my nose giving oil to the Arab world.” (Line 41-42) and “Filings from my fingernails are semi-precious jewels” (line 38-39). With all of this said, with African American women taking advantage of their opportunities, they too can show that they hold power over the men or somewhere equal. Next, Nikki provides evidence that beauty is a strong
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