Why College Is Valuable Essay

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There are many main reasons why college is valuable; however, the one I personally think is most valuable is, because it is helping one's self build self-esteem. College is much more than just a degree towards your career. Through perseverance, and knowing how you handle things in college a life lesson, yet you truly learn who you are. By finding which direction you want to go in life more than likely builds up your self-esteem. College can truly better yourself overall, and gaining overall confidence in your career. What is self-esteem? It is a judgment based on yourself, and your attitude yourself. Helping build self- esteem in college you will have to focus on your life skills, and how benefits self-esteem, how communication benefits …show more content…

Most students who attend college are on an extreme budget; however, by learning how to manage one's money in a life skills class can be very valuable in college. From here on, when I get overwhelmed with how much money something will be I look back at when I took my success strategy class in my first year of college; in a college success strategy really prepares student's for life skills that they will need. Also, in success strategy class I learned how to budget money, and my financial aid. Therefore, this was a very valuable life lesson that everyone should carry on into one's first career. These management skills help students later in life, and more in-depth than just a degree. Therefore, life skills are detrimental to building self-esteem and self-respect, because overall it truly sets anyone up for life. Also Graff explains in his passage that, only much later did it dawn on me that the sports world was more compelling than school because it was more intellectual than school, not less (Graff

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