Why College Should Be Drilling The Idea Of Going Into The Students ' Minds

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College, College, College. Most high school settings seem to be drilling the idea of going to college into the students’ minds. “Have you applied yet?”, “Where do you want to go?”, “What subject do you want to study (or major in)?”, are all questions that are constantly thrown around. Teachers and administrators recommend a student to go to this college or that college, the college over here or the one over there, the more affordable college or that expensive college. While looking into possible schooling options it is important to consider the size of a campus which would allow the individual to thrive. The size of a college campus and population usually affect the learning style, social connections, and programs available. There are several different learning styles, and there are different groups of individuals who succeed in each. Some learn through auditory (lecturing), some through visual (powerpoints or observations), and some learn through hands-on (experiments or projects), many individuals however learn best through a mixture of these teaching methods. For those who flourish in settings that primarily teach using auditory and visual approaches, larger colleges would be the best option. Since there is a higher population of students, programs often have vast class sizes. Because of this, professors tend to use auditory and visual as a way to easily appeal to everyone in the class. The hands-on technique would likely cause the learning process to slow down, or to
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