Why College Students Fail?

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The education a student acquires, impacts their life for the long run. Without a substantial education, it is challenging to find a decent job. Many students are going well beyond their bachelor degrees nowadays, such as going for masters, and PhD’s, to obtain better jobs. However, college students/graduates are being unemployed due to insufficient writing skills. Even with such degrees, if one is not adequate enough in writing skills it is difficult to get employed. In the article, “For $100K, You Would At Least Think That College Grads Could Write” George Leef discusses how college students fail to know how to write and how it impacts their future. There may be several reasons why college students/ graduates cannot write but I believe those reasons are because school systems not giving enough importance to English departments, inadequate instructors, and the deficit of student responsibility. School systems not paying enough attention to the English departments is one reason why students are unable to write. Leef notes, “From personal experience, I can attest that he’s correct. Many students enter college with amazingly poor writing ability, owing to the fact that no one paid much attention to their writing while they were in their K-12 years” (2). English departments need to be taken more seriously, if the base of a student’s writing skills are not even good, it is very difficult for a student in college to start with no knowledge of writing to trying to excel at it.
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