Why Communication Is Important : The Importance Of Communication

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The importance of communication is crucial. Being able to communicate with one another allows an individual to create a moment of expression towards a particular interest they have, that the other person did not know, but also creates a uniformed understanding amongst both people. It is important to communicate because it also allows others to gain lacked information that could have not been heard or forgotten. Being able to communicate will not only allow you to express how you feel, but it gives others the insight into the way you are feeling if you are able to express in such a way. For example, if a teacher tells a class that their assignment is due at a particular time, then by expressing that to other students they may be able to receive the information needed. Furthermore, with communication also comes organization. Being able to communicate, for example, in a workplace will also help lead to the organization of a business. If all of its employees are able to work together than there is a more likely chance that the business will begin to grow, but it will also look more uniformed, organized. In particular, in college, it is essential to communicate because it is inevitable that we will be required to work in groups. If a person in the grow is struggling or not on the same page as the rest of the group than that will reflect poorly among the group as a whole. Being able to communicate will allow the student to receive the help that they need because without it than

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