Why Creating A Position As A Returning Student Concierge

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Why creating a position as a Returning Student Concierge would be beneficial to Chattahoochee Technical College
The goal of creating this position is to increase the return rate and persistence of returning students at CTC by focusing on creating a clearly defined re-entry path and a one-stop-shop of resources aimed at helping them reintegrate and succeed through the utilization of website information, specifically targeted marketing pieces, and the development of a returning student concierge. There was a survey that was conducted at CTC in 2011 which I have included and where students had listed comments out of 26 comments a concierge would have been able to help with 13 of the student comments and hopefully they would have stayed instead of withdrawing from classes CITATION Cha11 l 1033 (College, 2011). Returning students often pause in their education due to life obstacles. When they return to school, a majority of the time, those obstacles are still present in their lives CITATION Fus10 l 1033 (Fusch, 2010). Taking a more hands-on approach to reintegrate them into CTC would help students not only seamlessly re-enter the college and their educational track, but would also help connect them to resources from their new beginning point that will help them persist to graduation. “Returning students interested in re-enrolling often get lost in the shuffle of a process that tends to be dominated by traditional students. Too often, they are steered toward several different

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