Why Crimes Are Committed By African Americans

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African American Criminological Thought was published September 15, 2000 by Helen Taylor Greene and Shaun L. Gabbidon. In this book, there is ten African American criminologists presenting different research studies in regards to many different reasons and possible conclusions as to why crimes are committed by African Americans. For the most part, the criminologists all take an approach on how racism plays a huge role in the criminal activity of African Americans. However, they all have different perspectives on why and how criminal acts come about, but mainly are having the same conclusions from their evaluations at the end of their research and studies. In addition, they try to find ways to decrease blacks’ criminal activity. For …show more content…

Furthermore, how certain crimes were overlooked based on one’s color and social status in the community. Du Bois also argues, if whites continue not to allow blacks work, they will most likely commit crimes. In addition, that no matter how big or small a crime is, the offender ends up harassed and killed. With that, Du Bois felt segregation was becoming the cause of more crimes amongst blacks and whites and increasingly dangerous. Monroe Nathan Work was one of very few African Americans accepted in undergraduate and graduate programs, but never really were chosen to work in the community, or be accepted as scholars. He was interested in providing accurate information in regards to Negroes. Work founded and edited the Negro Yearbook between 1912 and 1938; although it contained over ninety-eight topics, lynching and health were Work’s biggest concerns. He argued that their increase in criminal activity was because of financial situations. Just like the previous criminologists, Work noted that it was important to understand Negro crime. He strongly believes crimes were greater in the North than South because when they traveled to the North they faced many challenges in order to survive. He also argues Negroes had little respect for the criminal justice system because it never really worked in their favor. Also, just like Du Bois pointed out, that blacks were sentenced unfairly for petty crimes and how lynching

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