Why Depression Is High In Today's Society

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I have been researching why depression is high in today´s society. There are many factors behind the question like psychodynamic, behavioristic, cognitive, biological and humanistic perspective.
I have also interviewed nurses in Sölvesborg and used her experience to obtain knowledge about the issues behind mental health and statistics about depression.
With over 250 million people attached by depression worldwide, it´s no doubt an incredibly real and serious issues'.
In the past, depression was often described as simply a chemical in balance in the brain. Specifically, scientists believed that a lack of neurotransmitter serotonin was to blame, which is often referred to as the feel good chemical. But while chemicals most certainly are involved, this view really doesn't capture just how complex depression is. In recent years, scientist began to notice that the brain cell growth and connections may actually play a larger role.
When we look at the brain of a depressed person, studies shows that the hippocampus tends to be smaller than average. Other areas of the brain are also physically affected, …show more content…

We sometimes think that people, who is depressed is lazy. But depression is real disorder with very real consequences. Depressive illnesses are brain disorders and now, luckily with advances in brain imaging and other technologies, we really have a chances to see that, what happens in people with depression and changes in their brain. If you look at the normal brain, the fro area is where you have kind of higher order thinking and reusing. And you can see how different it is in the depressed brain, and then, you´ve got the temporal lobes, and this is where you have emotions are centered in there, and some of the aspects that have to do with your feeling, and you can see over there concomitantly, in depressed brain, it´s much darker. Also in depressed brain you don´t feel the lightness, you don´t feel the

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