Essay on Psychology, the Brain, and Depression

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Psychology, as most know, is the study of the mind and personal or group thoughts, feelings, and emotions in humans and animals. Scientists study, analyze, and investigate many areas of psychology, but the causes and effects of mood disorders and emotion irregularities are still unrecognized. Many studies were an attempt to find more information on mental illnesses. One of the most common illnesses in the United States is depression, also; it is the most often recognized mental illness in the world. What most clinicians don’t know, however, is what happens in the brains of patients before, during, and after depressive episodes.
An empirical article published by Dr. B. Czech a researcher from The European Archives of Psychiatry & Clinical
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Other changes such as stress, brain function, cell reduction and surrounding area changes were monitored (Czech 2007).
It was documented, that distortion of neurons was not the cause, and natural apoptosis was not reason the hippocampus shrunk. He attributed the significant decline in mass to the suppression of neurons created each day. This only partially proved his hypothesis. The results showed a fifteen percent difference in the total mass to non-depressed.
Exploring Psychology, the text book decribe mood disorders such as major depressive disorder as a sickness. Much like how a person would be diagnosed with any other disease. Like Czechs study, It describes how and why our bodies correspond to mental illness and explains how thoughts and feelings can be explained through the biopsychosocial approach. Module 39: Basic Concepts of Psychological Disorders and Mood Disorders, in particular, discusses how different cultures have different stressors, as well as the genetic factors behind why people become depressed. It confirms that depression and schizophrenia are common disorders in many countries globally (Psychology 2013). This article informs readers that depression is a full body disorder and not an imaginary one. It has miserable physical effects and can be treated which chemicals and medication like many other diseases. Most believe that the depressed should simply “get over” their symptoms and move on but many fail to understand some may need extra help
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