Why Did Franklin D. Roosevelt Win the 1932 Presidential Election?

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Why did Franklin D. Roosevelt win the 1932 presidential election?
Franklin D. Roosevelt won the 1932 presidential election reasons. His margin of victory over Herbert Hoover was the largest in recorded history up to that time.
One of the foremost reasons why Roosevelt won was because people believed that he could take America out of the Great Depression unlike Hoover. They believe he will take real action to deal with the Depression. His policies and ideals were much more popular and suitable for the situation they were in. Hoover believed in ‘rugged individualism’ where people should not expect help from the government and that the government will not interfere. Whereas Roosevelt promised his ‘New Deal’, which would provide jobs and …show more content…

There are many images of him talking and shaking hands with ordinary people. When talking to crowds he would mention ordinary individuals he had talked to and there problems – a woman with a baby, a miner, an old fellow… This gave Roosevelt the image of someone who cares for the ordinary person, whereas Hoover didn’t seem interested in his or her problems. Moreover, since Hoover believed the economy would eventually recover by itself,

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