Why Did I Start College?

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As I were growing up I had difficult lifetime I watched my mother struggled by herself, had a rough time finishing high school also couldn’t start college yet. Seeing my mother beg for on the rent and food made me a drop a tear because I was wondering where my father was he the man of the house but I didn’t stress it. My 12th grade year of high school was because people didn’t want me to graduate no one believed it was in me to get the job completed I kept getting suspended for absolutely nothing. Just for some reason it’s always a hold up on why I couldn’t start college right away sometimes I think the devil just don’t want me to success and get rich. I use to pray everyday things would get better for me soon but god got me I know he do he…show more content…
It’s seems to me like nobody wanted to see me graduating but I had to much confident in myself to let people see my failure that wasn’t going to happen I had something to prove. All I could picture in my head is my cap and gown, that stage of me walking across my assistant principal always use to pick and talk down on me she told me I won’t graduate from Chamberlain. She used to find something to suspend me about such as wearing crazy shirts, too much money on me also my tank tops. Also me not passing my reading test stop me from getting my diploma and starting college. Sometimes I feel everything be going wrong so that I won‘t success and be somebody in life but I’m going keep striving until get what I want and that’s to start school. For example I had to do the Penn foster program so that I can get my credits in reading for the questions I missed so I started going to school every day and week just to get my 5 credits. Finally I achieved getting my credits so that I can start school but the only thing I keep having to do is to edit my essay it’s like I wanted to rip out my lungs and cry because I came a long way and I keep giving it my all and keep having to do the essay over and over, but I’m not giving up I got to keep putting effort in my work till I reach the
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