Why Do Coconut Coconuts Essay

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When one considers fruit, there may be bland thoughts of healthy living, diets and the whole nine yard of the dos and don’ts of organic eating. However, when I think of fruits, I feel they are all endowed with a powerful medicinal by-product that is naturally stored within them. Hence my product choice for export. To the Chief operating officer of Investors Inc., I present to you my platform. In the Caribbean, many feel that all fruits are grown on each island in the exact same abundance; this is indeed a myth. Each Caribbean island has its unique crops that are harvested in its soil and grows based on weather conditions. In the Bahamas, the soil is excellent for the growth and harvest of year-round coconuts. Therefore, I plan to use the coconut…show more content…
You may want to know why did I choose Coconuts? Or why export to Cuba? Here’s my idea, Cuba is well known for its medicinal practices and farmers markets embraced by tourist and locals. Coconuts are good for the immune system, skin treatments such as scars, stretch marks, and discolorations. Consequently, coconut oil promotes heart health and decrease the chance of cardiac arrest. Coconut oil is also rubbed on the skin after cosmetic surgery to diminish or reduce the point of incision. Raw dry coconut is excellent for the enamel of the teeth, and the cleansing of one’s palette. Coconut Milk helps a woman’s body replenish nutrients after childbirth and during breastfeeding. According to Cuba is in such close proximity to the Bahamas (299 nautical miles off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas to be exact) exporting can coexist twice weekly. Providing small businesses to sell these products in their store or to sell within a farmer’s market. Cubans can make large and small investments according to their profit margin. Each item can be packaged in small and large amounts, ranging from a retailed margin to barrels as a wholesale
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