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Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) is one of the main crops which is abundantly produced in the Philippines. Coconut can be served as food and can be produced to various products and by-products. Some food examples are copra, coconut oil, coconut milk, latik, desiccated coconut, coconut flour, etc. As compared to other agricultural crops, coconut provides more products and by-products since all of its parts starting from the tree itself to the fruits has its uses. Hence, many people especially in Southeast Asia, Pacific region, Africa and some countries in Latin America, considered coconut as a significant crop in agriculture and industries (The Coconut Industry, n.d.). Since supply of coconut is very essential to many countries, it is essential to monitor its production. The production per land area can be quantified through crop yield.
Crop yield is used to determine the efficiency of food production. Basically, it is the amount of produced crop per area of land. Moreover, it is sometimes called as ‘agricultural output’ and conveyed in kilograms/hectare or metric tons/hectare. Essentially, the use of evaluating the crop yield is to determine the …show more content…

It also comprises most of the existing land usage in the Philippines. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority the total allocated land area for agriculture in 2014 is about 9.671 million hectares. One of the top produced crop in the Philippines is the coconut which is abundantly grown in almost all the areas in the country. The area planted/harvested in 2015 is about 3.5 million hectares based on PSA. According to Dillinger (2017), Philippines ranked as the second largest producer of coconut in the world. Every region has plantations of coconut and one of the areas with large production of coconut is Region IV-A with 448,905 ha for coconut land area with 1.38 million metric tons volume of production (PSA,

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