Why Do Cops Need To Crack Down On Drugs

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“Whether you sniff it smoke it, eat it or shove it up your a** the result is the same: addiction.” William S. Burroughs Drugs are very bad for you. That's why I think they should be illegal. It will be better for the people. Cops need to crack down on drugs such as weed, harwine, cocaine, and other drugs. All drug dealers need to have a harsher punishment for dealing. Drugs kill people all the time. About 570,000 people in the united states die each year from a drug overdose. 23,000 of them are from pain killers and about 100,000 of the amount of people that die are teens. drug overdose deaths has almost tripled since 2002. It has been proven that men typically do more drugs than females, but however more females have died from a drug overdose (NIH). heroin deaths have gone up seven times the amount they were in 2002 (NIH). in 2002 about 2000 people in the united states died from heroin use. Now it is over 14000 people that die. Of those, 12000 of them are males. But the U.S. has decreased in deaths with cocaine use. It went from in 2006 it was 8000 and now it is 4000 deaths. This is a reason why cops need to have a…show more content…
The short term effects are high blood pressure, increase in body temperature and heart rate, and dilated pupils. Some cocaine users report feelings of restlessness, anxiety, panic, and paranoia. Long term effects are memory loss, Damage to portions of the brain that regulate critical functions such as learning, sleep and emotion, liver and lung diseases, and infections from sharing a needle. You can also experience depression or even a heart attack. Also if a pregnant female is addicted to to a drug it can pass it down to its baby so your baby will be fighting for its life in the hospital just because the mom decided to try that type of drug. When cops put a stop to this there will be no kids that have health problems when it's not their fault it's their parents for trying the
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