Why Do Heroes And She-Roes Should Be Celebrated

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“Why heroes and she-roes should be celebrated” To date, the impact of heroes and she-roes is highly significant (Campbell & Zimbardo, 2007). Periodically, a nation can be discerned by memories from the past because it is through such means, a nation can forge a new sense of belonging. These few individuals have contributed immensely in one way or the other to a society’s heritage pertinent to their notable virtuosity and exceptional accomplishments. However, it is widely believed that in life, one is bound to pass through inevitable perverse situations. As a result, these rare people shared similar experiences hence, motivate people concerning their notions and provide relevant coping skills …show more content…

198) This is consistent with the research of Larson, (1995, p. 538), who claims media plays a key role in influencing youths. In other words, strong attachment to mass media can be regarded as ” para-social relationships” where even though people have not had any personal encounter with a hero or she-roe, they feel they have a connection with the person in question. Notably, it can be deduced that some heroes and she-roes indulge in illicit and unethical behaviours. However, this may exert negative effect on the followers’ decision and lifestyle. Moreover, with the current situation at hand, the growing influence of heroes, she-roes, role models and so forth over other ethical behaviours are most likely to result in controversies in the society. It appears that some parents tend to be found wanting in cautioning their children if need be, this gives rise to idolizing role models (Cohen, 1999). The children feel obliged to learn the habits of their role models, heroes and she-roes. It is widely perceived heroes and she-roes possess huge certainty during decision making such as drug abuse, smoking, poor courtesy and so forth. Even when their beliefs have negative outcomes, it is presumed by the followers that they are always correct. Pattanayak, (2011) asserts that drugs used by youths are as a result of seeing our heroes, she-roes and role models. More importantly, …show more content…

Suliven & Venter (2009) claims that heroes and she-roes serve as psychological aids to people. This means heroes and she-roes provides essential help to people. It can be assumed that in most cases, people resort to them as a shield to escape the harsh realities of this world. For example, listening to the lyrics of famous people as Bob Marley who, sang about love, peace and unity relieves people from pains. Heroes and she-roes are considered to give people peace when restless, strength when effortless and lastly courage to keep fighting. Crucially, they affect our personal value system in various

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