Why Do Low Rank Schools

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An "$" Ranked School Schools, especially those with low rankings, constantly attempt to appear better. Schools with low rankings are plagued by a plethora of problems, the most prominent being low pass rates. When faced with this situation, schools turn to programs such as "cash for grades" which pays students and teachers for A's and B's. However appealing this may seem, the abhorrent activity of remunerating students must not continue because it causes no increase in aptitude, generates a loss of intrinsic motivation, and reduces the likelihood that students will challenge themselves with honors or Advanced Placement classes. While cash for grades may seem like a good idea on the surface, it actually does not cause the students to gain any skills. In other words, those being paid do not magically learn how to study, take good notes, or…show more content…
These classes look incredible on transcripts, but students are reasoning that an easier class means an easier twenty dollars. Those in favor may posit that there are "big increases in Advanced Placement tests given" (Matthews). However, the percentage of those that pass these tests is falling, which serves to prove that these programs are not helping. Schools have an obligation to get students ready for life, and by instituting cash for grades programs, schools allow students to set themselves up for failure. Cash for grades programs do not work, yet schools still need a way to improve their rankings. Using the money provided by cash for grades for more beneficial programs. Perhaps paying students for reading books, a concept that was met with great success in Dallas (Flannery). Students could also be paid for attending tutoring. As long as the negative consequences resulting from cash for grades do not become apparent, these ideas could be the solution that schools everywhere are looking
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