Why Do People Kill African Americans?

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In this heartbreaking film, a young child was brutally raped by two white men. It was a sunny day and all she wanted to do was make her parents satisfied by buying groceries. As she walked home a big red truck pulled over, two white drunken men grabbed her, and raped her. She screamed, she cried, and she call her daddy’s name as they pissed on her and violated this 10 year old girl. They left her for dead, but, her brothers found her and they made sure she got home so she would be helped. This young girl bleeding, crying, no one could hear her weeps, but, even if someone spotted or heard this young child, she was black so no one would care.
Her father a hardworking black man was furious, he was so pissed and angry at those white guys for touching …show more content…

While watching this movie, it’s like I could feel what those blacks were feeling. The hate and the disrespect towards them was just ridiculous. How on earth could white people torture and kill blacks? They killed them not because they were poor, but because the color of their skin! Not all white people are rich, as well as not all blacks are poor. But, the way society has viewed blacks, blacks were always dirty worthless peasants. Until leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, stood up for the black community! This movie taught me so much stuff about the black community and how they didn’t have equal rights as the white community. As Samuel L Jackson stated in the movie “When you look at me, you don't see a man, you see a black man.” I understood more how the whites thought. They didn’t care that the two white men raped his daughter. They were more focused on the fact that a black man killed two white men intentionally. I actually think he should have killed them because during that time I’m pretty sure those two men would have gotten no time or little time for the crime that they committed. Even if the two men were black, that wouldn’t have changed his mind. He would have still killed them because they violated and hurt his daughter and while she was crying and screaming for his name, he was nowhere to be found. That made him even angrier. The way that the movie develops its plot is very unique. I never would have thought Jackson

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