Why Do People Talk About Politics On The Internet

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Why Do People Talk About Politics on the Internet: Craigslist’s Digital Forum’s My ethnography is focused on the digital community present in the Craigslist politics world forum, where people can create and comment on threads of topics and questions that interested them and other members. My main interest of this ethnography is why members and visitors of the Craigslist politics world forum specifically use this digital community to discuss the upcoming US presidential election when there are many different outlets for this discussion. By actively checking the updating forum and older threads, I hoped to get a better understanding for why the contributors discuss this topic in great lengths. My research questions are as follows, is there anything in peoples ' responses that indicates why this is their chosen community to discuss the election? What is it about this digital community that attracts such a large and active group of contributors? Do ideas and threads posted by members seem respectful and open to meaningful discussion of the election? Does the forum appear to broadly cover all political sides, questions, and concerns? Furthermore, does the forum seem to favor a particular sided of conversation about the election? At first, I was unsure when choosing a digital community to research. After discovering the forums that Craigslist hosts online my interest was peaked. I was unaware of the many diverse forums Craigslist had and it particularly…

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