Why Do They End Up Committing Harmful Unethical Acts?

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America has gone through an extensive moral and ethical history, from slavery to modern marriage rights. In the modern day many people are brought up with what typically would be regarded as good morals and ethics, yet as they grow up into adults many commit unethical or immoral acts. Those that are not brought up with what the majority of society thinks is ideal, probably were still taught by their parents what they believed to be correct, even though their way of thinking may be considered outdated and incorrect in current modern times. The majority of all acts that are undesirable are not purely the fault of the committer, but come from external sources and influences that then make the unethical act seem acceptable. So even though people in our society may start with a solid foundation of ethics and morals in many cases, why do they end up committing these harmful unethical and immoral acts? Surely not everyone who does something unethical or immoral has the intent of causing harm, just as all that do good do not always realize the positive outcome that they may have. As Humans we have a natural understanding of what is moral, and ethical. However that does not stop our influences, like culture and family, from disrupting what we naturally know. No one has perfect morals or ethical values because all that influence us makes that a near impossible goal to achieve, and even then life factors will always affect us. In American society we’ve commonly struggled with what

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